Does my ex boss like me?

I'd like to think he doesn't but my dad just said that he feels like he has an unhealthy crush on me.

He added me on Facebook a couple days ago (something none of my bosses have done before) but I thought it wouldn't hurt seeing as I no longer work for him. But then he messaged me and we had a chat. He then asked if I wanted to work for him again when he gets a new job elsewhere. He even offered me lifts and everything. Me and him always got along and he'd always say my name happily when he saw me. A few of my co-workers went to him to say how hard I worked and that I deserved a pay rise. He was only there for like 5 months and then left.

He doesn't have any other of my co-workers from his last job (my current job) on his Facebook which is weird too.

This guy is really friendly, he also has a girlfriend and daughter so I think the chances of him liking me is slim. I did think it was odd to add me and chat with me though.

Do you think he could like me?
My boss messaged me today offering to meet up and go exercise together which I thought was odd! This guy is like nearly 40! What 40 year olds offers to go and exercise with an 18 year old in his free time?!


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  • Yeah. Recommendation: Keep your distance. Men are TERRIBLE at just being friendly with no ulterior motives. Not saying it's impossible... but unlikely

  • It seems that he just value you as an employee.


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