What do you guys think about pre-emptive break ups?

A pre-emptive break up (they might go by other names as well) is where you think your partner is going to break up with you and you don't want to be the one getting dumped, so you dump them first. The idea being that you still have feelings for this person, there's no impending circumstances (like someone moving away) to ruin the relationship, and you really do want to keep the relationship going.

Personally I think that they're dumb as hell, and are not ever a good idea. I think breaking up with someone you still want to be with and have no other reasons to break up with other than fear of being dumped is not good reasoning.

But what do you guys think?

Have you ever done one or had it done to you?

Do you know anyone who ever has?

Could you see yourself ever doing it given those circumstances?


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  • No I have never dumped someone because I thought they were going to dump me first. If I thought someone was getting to the point that they didn't want a relationship, or that they weren't happy, I would talk to them about it. Maybe there are some things we can do to get the relationship back on track and if we can't get it back, then maybe it's time to start dating other people. But really, anyone who breaks up with someone to beat their partner to the punch, obviously shouldn't have been dating that person to begin with. If a guy won't work at a relationship, fight for what we have, then I don't want him.


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  • No, never done that.

    And I never know of someone who've done that.

    Pre-emptive break ups are not good because you might be jumping into conclusions.


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