Why is he holding back?

So I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 months. We've been getting closer and closer and there's now a huge amount of sexual tension. Tonight we were so close to just going for it but he didn't make the move. He seemed really up for it but was holding back for some reason. I have a few possible reasons but I don't know which it could be:

1. No protection available.

2. I dislocated my knee 3 weeks ago but I can still move it more and have recently been walking without crutches. I'm still perfectly capable of having sex.

3. Too shy. He was too shy to have the first kiss with me. I made the first move with him in the beginning to get the ball rolling and to get into a relationship. He was hesitant because of me being older than him but he's a confident guy and had never had a problem having the first kiss with other girls until me.

4. He wants to wait a bit longer.

Those are the main reasons I could think of but I don't know which one applies.

What do you think is holding him back?


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  • Seems like he the 4th reason and I also think he is a little scared (maybe)

    To solve this problem you need to encourage him and also ask why he is holding back ...well that's all I can say

    • I want him to take the lead seeing as I initiated the first hug, the first kiss and then asked him out! I feel it's his turn to take the lead now. I showed him through body language that I was up for it which I believe he picked up on and he really seemed up for ittoo, but he just didn't make the first move.

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    • I'll answer your question tomorrow, I've noted it but right now I don't have time but thanks for your answer!

    • Ok dear dnt worry he will take the lead this time I guarantee... GRAZIE:-)

  • It must be one of those reasons. That's why you need to be patient and try to heal your dislocated knee first.


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