Why didn't he asnwer me back?

Ciao! I'm italian so sorry but I could make some mistakes, anyway I hope to be clear.. and thank you if you're gonna help me:)

I met a guy two weeks ago, even if he has a girlfriend I understood he liked me (he made me compliments, he talked me, he offered me things,...). Anyway I want to specifie that as long as he has a girlfriend I don't want to even kiss him.

Some days later I met him again. I smoke marijuana (I think it's an healthy thing that's also why I do so, but I don't want to start an argue about this.. it's just a choice :) ) and he does too. That night I was buiyng some weed, when he asked me two things: if it was for me and if I smoke alone or just with friends. I felt as I had to say that it was for a friend (even if that time was true) and that I don't smoke alone (even if I did, but not recently). I felt so because he asked me these things like he was worried about me.

Some days later I met him again: I think he shaved me telling me something like "ciao!" out loud, but actually I didn't answered him back because I was lost in my thoughts and I wasn't even sure he was talking to me. Who knows. Anyway I think he got offended because for the WHOLE time it was like he was avoiding to even whatch me... it's not simple to explain, but maybe it was just an impression...

Last Saturday I met him again by the square (mine is a little city). We talked a bit and then we played, together with his friends, cards. While we were playing he started doing me some questions: how old are you? (he:"16? Really? I thought you were 17/18) have you a boyfriend ("No? Ah. It's a pity" "why?""because if I hadn't a girlfriend I would already flirted with you" .. it's hard for me to translate the last sentence, but I hope you understand, sorry :) ). His girlfriend phoned him and he moved a couple of steps farer. While I was talking with the other guys who were there, I heard him saying to his girlfriend that he was by the square(it seemed like they had to meet, but I didn't see her for all the night long). When he came back he asked me to play a card game for two with him. One of his friend joined us. Then we, with his friends too, moved to a sort of party. We stayed there. Later he went away for a while (maybe he was with his girlfriend, I don't know xD). Then he came back, he gave me a great kiss on my cheek, he said he was going home. I stayed a little bit more, then I went home too.

At midnight I found a message on Facebook by him. I didn't open the conversation, and even if I was awake I answered about midday (sincerily I did it on purpose.. because one maybe I was going to bed in a little while 2 sincerily, I wanted to tease him a little bit ahah). Well my 2nd point didn't work very well because he went online by four o' clok pm, 15 min later he saw the message but he didn't answer me back. Why? Damn bastard!

Maybe I opened Facebook and he saw I was online even if I didn't aswer him until the next day?

What's your opinion, please?Grazie!:)


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  • He's (sort of) flirting with you when he says that if he didn't have a girlfriend he'd flirt with you.

    If he was truly a good boyfriend he wouldn't say that to you. In a way, he's being unfaithful to his girlfriend. This probably won't be the only time, and you probably won't be the only girl.

    Playing Fb games (both of you) is really not a good thing. It's still playing games.


    • Thank you for the answer:)

      I hope he's not just playing with me, but maybe he is.. It's weird: he seems to be quite into me sometimes, even if he has a girlfriend(he pays attentions to me, he made me these?questions.. I mean in particular the one about weed even if he already knew that I smoke..). Anyway I'd absolutely prefer to avoid this guy to use me, the last time somthing like this happened was the first time I suffered so much for a guy. What do you think I should do?

    • The more you say about him, the less he seems to be boyfriend material.

      The hot/cold treatment toward you is bad; even worse is that he _already_ has a girlfriend.

      You know the hurt that comes from being an object. I can't say for sure, but he may be doing this to you. The evidence is that he has a girlfriend.

      Did you friend me? If so, many thanks!


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