Me and my boyfriend seem to be drifting apart help I need some advice

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years while he was locked up I stayed with him because I loved him now that he is home we hardly talk and when I call he doesn't answer I get we not gonna talk everyday I'm just asking for some of his time. all this past week we have talked but it seemed like as soon as he got home it was back to square one with us not really talking I know he has been trying to talk to other women behind my back but he said he would do better. He has been there for me just like I have for him I know he loves me but I wish he would just make time for me that's all I'm asking for. How can I make him see that the way he treats me hurts me more then anything else in the world. I feel crazy because I'm a good woman I would never treat him this way and would never even think about cheating don't I deserve someone like that.
More advice to my question is welcomed I really need the advice


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  • You should talk this out with him. Tell him of the discomfort he's causing you when he's at home.


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  • u waited for him all the time he was locked up and now he doesn't make time for u? dump him..he has not changed and you do deserve far batter


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