Met a new guy, but I'm afraid...should I be?

So I met this guy online...and we actually met in person a few days ago. I went to his naval base and it was pretty interesting. He is so attractive and is so sweet. But I think he might be a little too corny for my liking, but it happens. We seriously talked for hours on end, we ordered some pizza. He sings and was in a band until they got into bad things, so he left his band and joined the navy. He has a plan for the future. But most of all I can be myself with him. That entire time we got to know each other. It seriously felt like we met before, but haven't...if you know what I mean lol.

I could feel myself liking him and actually seeing a relationship out of it. But then it got me thinking about my ex boyfriend of three years. I think I'm afraid to move foward with somebody else. I never really dated anyone after him, so it's kinda a weird feeling.

I told the guy about it and how I'm feeling, and he understood everything. We both want to take things slow, but I don't want to be afraid to get in a relationship anymore. But I do feel like this guy is getting attached already, and I think I am too.

My ex texted me and told me how he doesn't like the thought of me kissing another man and ect...but honestly he has no say. I mean he has a girlfriend, so why can't he just move on fully? Then I can be happy and move on myself. I want to be friends with him, but I think that might be a bad thing..?

I like this new guy and I can see myself being his girlfriend and wondering where things might lead. I mean shouldn't be afraid right? I need to take a chance.


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  • He seems like a good match for you. Go for it! And good luck

  • You really shouldn't be afraid. He's a great guy for you, and this has a potential for a very successful relationship.


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