Losing attention from my boyfriend? break up

So my boyfriend use to do MMA , go to school and work. School just finished last week and his MMA building is renovating right now so he isn't training m I know much much fighting is to him so we kick box once a wk. I do and don't likw doing it because sometimes I have no time but indo it so we have bonding time and its something he loves doing. So recently he hasn't shown me any affection or attention. We hang out with friends and he bonds more with his femal friends and leaves me kinda side body he also stopped calling me beautiful. It's nothing big really but he usually says it once in a while wren he really means it and sometimes I like hearing it but stil nothing big and I just feel really distance with him and we haven't spoken as much either. I don't think he's cheating on me I feel like he's losing interest. Any advice? .


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  • it seems to me that he has several interests and things that occupy his time and you, being a really great girl, go above and beyond to try and participate in his interests. I think it does sound like either he is losing interest in you or just unknowingly putting other interests ahead of you.

    your best bet is just to tell him how you feel, exlaining that you feel like he doesn't seem as into you as possible. It could be that he is just slacking or it could be that his feelings have changed but it is clear that he is treating you differently


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  • It seems that your relationships is falling out.

    How about revitalizing things by spending more time with each other alone, and going out and experiencing things together? Like going to beach, hiking or just a walk in the park.

    • I have really strict parents and its difficult to do things. But I sneek out jut for him and fo out as best as I can and try to fiill not just his wishes but also mine. I trying to give him space

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