Living with parents, is it a deal breaker?

So, I recently split with my girlfriend (not entirely true, she dumped me). We'd been living together, sharing an apartment for the last three years, and she'd apparently been having issues with our relationship that she was trying to work out on her own instead of talking to me about them, and it all ultimately came to a head and that was it.

Anyway, I moved out and left her the apartment, she'll either have to get a roommate or break lease (it was in her name) and move in with someone else. I'm currently crashing on my parent's couch.

Well, my parents are fine with me being there as long as I need to be, and it's been discussed that I could potentially be there for a year or longer if I needed to. I was putting money away to buy a house with, and I'm still planning on moving forward to that goal, with or without my ex. On my own, being with my parents, I can easily bank a grand a month after all my other bills (my job doesn't completely suck). I figure, inside of a year, I can have plenty saved up for a down payment, fixing the place up, and buying any furniture that I might need.

My concern is in the meantime, I'd like to start dating again, probably nothing incredibly serious, just meeting new people and having fun, putting myself back out there... but I am, at heart, a relationship guy, and if I meet someone I'm really into, I'm probably going to want to start something.

So, assuming a guy has a good, stable job and goals for future homeownership, how big of a turn-off do you think that is in the current dating scene? I'm 33 and would probably be looking to date someone no younger than 25, if that matters at all.


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  • Not these days! A lot of people have to live with parents to save money to start out on their own.

    Gone are the days when everyone just assumed you could have everything you want, on your own, without help.


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  • I think its OK given the situation. I would think differently if you were 33 and had never left your parents house.

  • If you're 30-35, sorry but yes.

    That's only because I'm incredibly independent and need to be with someone who also is.

  • No, as long as Ur working towards something..most women can be understanding in situations like this one...Personally I would understand. Things happens. And if we started dating I would prefer this circumstances opposes to you living with Ur ex until Ur lease is up.

    If Ur a great guy, you should have no worries. Besides if gives the new girlfriend a chance to get acquainted with Ur folks.. ;-). Good luck Ur fine.

  • not a big deal. if you were lazy and just mooching off of them at 33, yes huge turn off. but you're not so it's ok


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, it is my older sister always tells me it is, shows lack of inderpendance, but most girls get over it just make sure you start saving for a house and you have a good stable job and you have good goals so my sister says that's good and most girls could get over it , good luck with it man :)

  • It's not a turn off at all. Women would like to be with the guy because of who he is and not where he lives.


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