Today on my lunch break.......

I went into a shop to get my food like I always do and I noticed this girl full on staring at me whilst she was on the phone, I waited for a guy to go past, and she was still full on staring even as I walked really close to her. If I'm honest I had to break eye contact cause I got a bit embarrassed cause I found her so attractive, I really don't know why she was looking at me. And no I didn't have anything on my face.

So question...why do girls just full on stare like that with no facial expression? Just a plain stare? I know I will never understand girls cause I had a chat with one today and she was saying she doesn't understand herself sometimes lol.. that gives us lads no hope haha.


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  • If I was just looking at someone randomly, I wouldn't stare, I'd glance. I stare are people that I find attractive.


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  • It seems that she's attracted to you and wants you to approach her.


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