Is ex wanting me to initiate contact..?

So my ex broke up with me a little over a couple months ago because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and we had drifted apart but he still liked me a lot. So just these past couple weeks he's been texting me every few days just like small talk and about random stuff. We've actually been talking a bit more than in the last couple weeks of our relationship. He talks to me at school sometimes, like teasing me and stuff, and his friend also told me that my ex still wants me. I know one of the problems in our relationship was that we werent close during the last half because we went a little too far physically. He wants someone who he can be close to emotionally and being too physical kind of screwed up how close we were emotionally because we were always doing physical things, if that makes sense. He alsways initiates contact, not me, but I was wondering if he wants me to come up and talk to him because I''m a little cautious of getting screwed over again? I want to start things fresh with no hard feelings, but again, I'm afriad of what he might think if I talk to him... should I let him just keep setting the pace of our friendship?


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  • Things always work better in partnership, and he is o doubt wondering if you care about him since you don't initiate conversation..

    So if you want to start afresh, step up and tell him so. Set some ground rules to make sure you don't fall into the same pattern as before!

    Maybe you should remain unofficial..just friends to the outside world, at least until you can both see where you are going.

    • Ok... I just sent him a text asking a question for school. I have to start somewhere I guess!

    • Yes, start slow! He'll be so happy to get ANYTHNG from you, believe me!

      Best Answer, I hope!

    • Thx for the ba!

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  • It seems that he just like talking to you, but don't count into it too much. Just keep the friendship.


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