Am I on the hook with this girl?

So this is a girl who I went to high school with (I just finished first year university).. She's very attractive and I always had a bit of a thing for her. I started talking to her over Christmas break at a party and we hit it off. We continued to text and hang out when I was in town until I just got back recently. When I first started talking to her, she had recently broken up with her ex boyfriend with the intent of them getting back together eventually. This seemed unrealistic to me so I was unfazed. Now that I'm home from school, we've been hanging out quite often. She's made it clear that she's not sure if she can "date" me since the act would 'burn the bridge' in terms of getting back with her ex (even though she has no immediate intent of doing this). However, the last two times we've "hung out", we have ended up making out for extended periods of time. The lead up to kissing has felt very natural both times, except that she did state on both occasions that she could not go any further. Now she's saying that she wants to be "friends for now with an open mind". That is an open mind to the possibility of being more, to clarify. We are hanging out again tomorrow night and watching a horror movie (her choice).. I'm worried that she won't want to hook up, which -while understandable- will secure a step backwards for us.. I really like her, and I truly feel like we'd be a good fit. Is she just keeping me on the hook or what? I'm so scared of losing what feels like my only opportunity to date this girl.. Thanks for any input!


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  • You're really on the hook with this girl. She's just slowly opening up to you, while her feelings for her ex are fading. She's definitely the one whom you should be pursuing relentlessly.


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