I don't think I compare to his ex!

I've been with my fiancé for a few months now. I recently met his ex-wife for the first time when I went with him to drop off their child at her house. When she walked outside I was shocked. She looks a lot like me (or I look a lot like her?) only she's a lot prettier. Big boobs, great bone structure, full lips, beautiful smile. It's like I'm the less attractive version of her. To make it worse, I know just because she's a lawyer that she's smarter than me and has her sh*t together better. I love him, but he definitely is less "together" and is kind of floundering. And she'll always be in his life because they have a kid.

How do I not let this bother me? I'm pretty sure he tried to get back together with her a few months ago right before we started officially dating and that she wouldn't have him back. Now that I see her, I kinda feel like she was out of his league so got with the downgraded version of her (me). I think we ARE in each others' league, so it shouldn't bother me, right?


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  • Woah, so you've been with him for only a few months but you're already engaged? That's way too soon.

    I think your suspicions may be correct.

    • Well we knew each other way before he got with his ex. It's not like we just met a few months ago. Just started dating then.

    • And when you say you think my suspicions are right do you mean just that he likes me because I'm like her? Even if that's true, as long as he actually likes me then should I just write it off as both is us fitting his "type" or do you think it's a bigger deal that will be a problem?

    • Yes that's what I mean. But I also mean that this might be some kind of a rebound. It's very very unusual that you two are engaged after only a few months of dating.

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  • Simply think that he's with you because he find you beautiful and you're more worthy than his ex.

    • Yeah I'm just not sure that's the truth though. Not that I'm less worthy or unworthy. But yeah..

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  • Engaged after only a few months. I see your point but that's way too soon to tell you the truth!

    • Which point?

      We knew each other already before we started dating.

    • I see why it bothers you. But for you guys it's really early days and if you're having these thoughts and feelings I wouldn't rush into anything with him Even if we knew each other before!

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