Did he lie about why he broke up with me?

So I just had my very first break up. We dated for 7 months. He was my first kiss, first hand holding etc. He's 21 and I'm 20. Our relationship was so amazing. We had so much in common and were so happy. About a month ago we started having a spat every now and then. But it would disappear right away and everything would go back to normal. A couple weeks ago he started getting annoyed, snapped and said that we talk too much (which takes two. I am not one to smother. I work during the day). We didn't talk all that much for a couple days. Then I got a text that said "we need to talk". We went on a break. I was SO hurt. I initiated contact, and after talking for a little while he broke up with me. He said that he quit his job and needs to surrender everything for God. He needs to know what he is supposed to be by himself before he brings someone else into his life. We have talked twice since the break up and he says that he is just lost. I'm pretty sure he has no intention of getting back together with me. I'm moving on and trying to be happy. I'm not contacting him anymore. But guys, do you think what he said is a cop out?
He also said "I love you" after only 4 dates. We talked about the future, the whole 9 yards. About a month ago when we started having spats, he didn't want to talk about the future anymore...


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  • hmmm. Well I think there is a legitimate argument to be made that one has to be happy with themself (essentially happy alone) before they can bring someone else into their life. It seems like he something wasn't right in the relationship (thus the fighting, not talking, etc) and those feelings/situations led him to do some reflection.

    I don't know exactly what the cop out would be. He probably was trying to spare your feelings a bit but it does sound like a legit reason to not date ... I know I've felt the same way at times

  • Yes, it's really a cop out from the look of the things. You should retain no contact for him until the end of time. He's not worth it.


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