Falsely accused of cheating during a bonfire with ex's friends

Me and my now ex boyfriend were together for over a year we loved each other so much we wanted to get married and start a family but we been having problems broke up for about a month and during that month he started talking to three old buddies he hasn't seen in a few years. Obviously when we got back together I had no idea who they were I've heard about them but never met them. So me, my ex and his three buddies were hanging out one night we had a small bonfire and everyone but my ex was drinking. One guy passed out drunk. The rest of us kept drinking. Someone had an idea to go on a nature walk; but one of us had to stay with the guy who was passed out and keep an eye on him. My ex voluntered to stay and watch him and he told me, "go ahead go on the nature walk" and I kept saying "no baby I want you to come I don't want to go." I couldn't walk a straight line but his buddy came grabbed my hand and told my ex don't worry they'll guide me. So we're walking through the woods my ex's friend leading me while I'm blocking branches and stepping in mud puddles. And one of them asks whould I do something or go for one of them; I blurted out "no way I love my boyfriend only him". The one guy let go of my hand and I was stumbbling everywhere; the other friend walks past me and stops so I walk up behind him grab the leather jacket he was wearing which was my ex's jacket they guy borrowed and I grabbed onto his shoulders I told him I just don't wana fall face first in a puddle. The other guy comes back grabs my hand stops and points at a turkey just a few feet away from us. We decided to head back and on our way back the guy with the jacket says, "you two might want to stop holding hands so my ex don't see." My drunk ass blurt out "my boyfriend knows me" I remember everything when I drink.

He broke up with me a week later for a different reason but wanted to stay friends because he didn't want to lose me comepletly. Well I didn't want to because I couldn't bare being friends and seeing him move on while I was still in love with him. So we had a messy goodbye, no contact and yet two weeks later he drunk texts me calling me a skank etc... I was wondering wtf? After we broke up his two friends told my ex I grabbed their junk without the other one knowing. So apparantly I grabbed both of them without the other one knowing and they waited weeks to tell my ex? I told my ex his buds are straight up lying and I don't know why. He kept saying no their not lying and that I was.

I never drank unless my ex becase a year ago at a bar a cocky drunk ass guy grabbed and hurt my wrist I injured at work. Then he tried following back into the restroom during closing hours while everyone was outside smoking and luckily my ex caught it and told him the door stays open. I'm not trusting of people at all.

I don't know what to do about it because me and my ex don't speak yet it I want the truth out and him to see their lying.

I was so pissed that I got accused and that they lied about it becase I don't believe in cheating/adultary nor do I condone it. I've never cheated on an ex nor gave my recent ex any reason to doubt me. I gave him access to my Facebook, my cell phone and when I wasn't working or sleeping I was with him.

I'm very blunt and honest person and my ex knew that. That and I was born because of an affair and it ruined my life. I told my ex from the beginning there's only two reason's I would ever leave any man, cheating or abuse. I will not put up with either. He knew how I hated cheater and abuse with a passion.

I got a tougher question now... When me and him were just friends I made a promise to always be there for him during the anniversaries of his mom's passing; I told him even if we stopped speaking I'd still check up on him and then go about my life afterward. He said to me, "no you won't you'll forget'...Now he cusses at me and wants nothing to do with me says he hates me and we don't speak so should I keep my promise?


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  • Why aren't you pissed at him for trusting his "friends" that he didn't see in years over you? Not only is that a jackass move on his part, but the story doesn't sound the least bit believable. How can you do something with a guys junk while completely blitzed going on a nature walk? I call bullsh*t.

    • Bullsh*t on who's end his or mine? And I am pissed at him for believing them but I'm more pissed because they lied to him about something that never happened a week after we broke up. That and it was 4am and pitch black out. The story is a little unbelievable but god's honest truth. I just don't know how to get them to tell my ex that I'm not lying and that they are?

    • no no your ex's stupid "friends" story sounds like bullsh*t. I've been wasted in nature before. its hard to even walk (especially at night) its like an obstacle course. I don't see how you or any girl can fondle a guy while walking, sh*tfaced in the woods at night. it just doesn't ring to me as accurate. And if I were in your situation, and if you really are telling the truth (which I think you are), then you don't need to prove nothing to nobody. he is being a total d***head in this situation

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  • None of these guys are worth your fretting about anything they say or do. Be glad this has happened, since your anger will make it easier to forget it all and move on!

    And never look back!

  • Your ex is an ass. You're better off without him.

  • To answer your update and your question. If you are really telling the truth...then f*** that dude. You are just trying to be nice and he's being a total prick to you. I say get over him and move on. If you want just show your respect for the mother once a year but that's it. I hate when nice great women are always going out with sh*theads dudes who treat them badly.

  • You should cut all contacts with your ex. He's being a jerk already.

  • Your ex knows that some people cheat, and can accept that, but it is hard to believe that anyone would be so cruel as to lie about something like this. Although sometimes people do lie like that, and for a variety of sick reasons. I have even heard about women calling up random people and telling the wife, that her husband had an affair, just because they thought it was funny to hurt random couples.

    • @ update. If he doesn't want you in his life, then you can't keep your promise. That is his fault, not yours. I would suggest having absolutely no contact with him. You don't deserve to be cussed at, or treated the way he is treating you.

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