What if I told her how I still feel?

It's been years now and I'm still missing the girl I liked from high school. I'm still so upset about things not happening and about how things ended up. It's not like I haven't tried my best to move on either. I have. What if I said something to her? About how upset I still am, how I miss her, how thinking about her still strikes me with fear and excitement all at the same time? What if I just never move on from this? I wanted her to be someone significant in my life.
I feel that an unfortunate situation has ruined me.


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  • You can say something

    It wouldn't hurt anything

    • How would it not hurt anything? I am still hurting now and would likely get hurt again.

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  • Try talking to her about it, maybe she feels the same way but you will never know if you don't try. Just know what you're going to say and just go for it

    • It got to the point where I would really like for her to try. My feeling was after all this happened was that she should contact me. I would have to risk rejection and humiliation again.

    • you can't expect her to contact you maybe she doesn't know how you feel either. just contact her and find out

    • So? I have no idea how she feels about this anymore, or if she'd even respond. What makes you think it'd be any easier for me? It would be way easier for her. She knows that I liked her. The ball was left in her court. The thought of messaging her again seriously freaks me out. Legitimately.

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  • This is exactly how I feel! this just happened on MondayI have been talking to for about a month and a half, she just ended everythin. I really miss her I want to say something but don't want to act clingy, probably going to wait a weekk or two:/

    • This happened to me like 3 years ago. It's gotten a lot better I felt way worse at first, but I can't shake the feeling that something needs to be done. I have no idea why and I'm scared. There's a pull that I feel towards her no matter what.

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    • See I don't want to end our friendship , I was going to call her out that day but I didn't want to make things worse as they already were. I should have known better since she had a boyfriend, but I just became single and she was going to break up with him, but in the long run she didn't.

    • I only called her out because I wanted the truth, turns out the truth was harsh and totally unexpected so I put it all right back on her. Wasn't all my fault that's for certain. She was so passive aggressive it was killing me. NO idea why I still even feel anything remotely positive towards her, but I do, with a bit of resentment thrown in. I just wish it could all be fixed some how but realistically its a long lost cause.

  • If you told her how you feel, you wouldn't be regretting things now.

    • I did tell her though, that's just it, and I still feel this way.

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