Am I a brat or feisty or something?

My boyfriend and I have been through a lot for the 2 years we have been together and he asked for space.

Personally I don't care although I was having a hard time because I'm reluctant to talk to him when he calls or texts me. its like if he was going away I wish he would just stay away. but he doesn't want to do that because he feels he just need to reinstill value in himself

maybe I'm a selfish bitch but after one week or so I asked if I could at least get a hug. (personally think its stupid to ask) I don't really want one but my head is hurting and I don't know I feel weird

anyways he was like sure I'll meet you at your house after work. I live w my grandma who doesn't know we're together and so I was like lemme just go to your house or meet somewhere else

he goes "nah because its only going to be for 4 seconds afterward you can go straight back into your house"

That pissed me off to the 3rd degree and canceled all together. I feel like damn you want space but do you need to control everything I'm the one that wants the hug forget it I'm sure you just can't wait to get me out of the way so you can go back home ofc you want me to run back into the house god forbid I wanted to chill for a few minutes

I do this all the time I'm always feeling like this I'm not mad I just don't care I'm like whatever do what you want fk it I wish I never said anything I wish I NEVER say anything I am selfish aren't I i just hate this so much so stupid I could spit I don't know why I regret things so much or react the way I do I can't understand why I just want to cut him off all together am I a brat? I just don't want to get played or treated like a convenience store
its one thing to want space. GO AWAY and take it.

if I'm wrong tell me now I'll readjust my thinking but I'll be damned if I sit here begging to see someone who doesn't want to see me or calling someone who doesn't want to talk to me.

its one thing to want space another to throw it in my face every 4 seconds I'm not a pet or a child

go away all together if you don't want to see me every once in a while

ok this turned out to be a rant ._.


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  • I don't believe you're a brat. I think you are just not being honest with yourself and it's causing some conflicts in your mind and your self talk.

    You mention that you don't care that your boyfriend wants space, yet you blew up and thought to yourself, "You can' wait to get rid of me, you need to control everything". To me, that's a red flag saying you're actually not fine / comfortable about the space, but you're trying to act like you are fine, because you're afraid of getting played or treated like a store.

    It's best to be honest with yourself at times like these especially. It's actually a good thing you're asking yourself why you do this, and it evident that you have some space to change, seeing that you're frustrated with it. I know many girls who think they're right in blowing up like that and refuse to recognize it's them, not their boyfriends.

    I hope that helps, I don't mind helping you vent about it if you need it.

    • i just wouldn't care if he would go away and stay away. why do we get to be together if we can't talk or see each other. I'm fine with no contact and fine with not dating but its messing me up so much I don't understand I'm stupidly about to cry right now I feel so angry and frustrated and confused and weird.

      if he wants space and that entails no contact then break up. but he doesn't want to. then can't he see me sometimes its been months of this discomfort I feel annoying T_T I'm so stupid

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    • he just dumped me . lol. he wanted it to be quick so he can get on with his day and I said calmly that I don't want his space thrown in my face every time we speak can't we please spend time at least once a week? he said its obvious space is too much to ask for from me and its over I said its not but the part that confuses me is when he asks for it and then says we're still together. if we are still dating there shold be a balance of space and talking/ seeing each other

    • That's unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear that. Honestly, at this point, you guys just need some time apart since he's too frustrated with you, and you're too confused. It's for the best.

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  • You're not selfish or a brat. You're hurt and confused. You don't know what's going through his head and thus don't know what you should be thinking. You're angry at him and your venting your emotions with passive aggressive behavior.

    In short... you're female.

    • i do feel really confused I don't know why I don't understand anything I don't care or I feel like I don't or won't if he just stayed away from me don't contact me cut me off all together move on with his life but he texts me saying I love you and then talks to me like we're friends and I get too stupid and ask if I can see him I hate games if he doesn't want to talk to me or see me why don't we just break up I don't understand at all space is so stupid all in between no contact but still dating?

  • You're not a brat at all. You just need attention and he can't give it to you.

    Cut him off altogether. He's not worth it.


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