What are some of the reasons why a dude....

would get his ex pregnant months after breaking up with her?

yea, as retarded as this may sound I seen/heard this happened a lot of times. embarrassed to say, my older brother accomplished this last year. he met this chick at some club once, and to make the story short he when in head first and decided to become engaged to her and has a kid with her months later. yea, stupid huh?

anyways, as me and the fam predicted, their relationship became extremely toxic for a year and a half, but then six to seven months after he manages to finally break up with her she announces that she is pregnant again and he was the daddy. and she even did the dna exam to proof it and she was right.

anyways, not to defend my brother or anything but I had heard about these types of incidents a lot of time as I mentioned earlier. but I am dying to know what exactly are the reasons why a dude would get his ex pregnant? isn't she your ex for a reason? and aren't you supposed to stay away from your ex, especially after breaking up from a toxic relationship?


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  • They probably had a really really high/good sexual compatability, and he wasn't thinking with the proper head after the fact, if you get what I mean.

    I have dated a lot of woman like this, and well we aren't good together compatibility wise, or comminication wise, aka the relationship was toxic, but when it came to sex, it was out of this worl/ highly sexually compatable. Where with someone else that I can communicate and can be very compatable with, the sex isn't that great. Get what I mean? So this is probably the case.

    Ive had plent of these types of ex's call me after a break up and just want sex, cause well they love the sex, and so did i. But he shouldn't have finished in her. That's his stupidness, sorry to say. He did something that he knew would have been easy at the moment. But didn't really think of the consequences later.

    At the end of the day, they have crazy sex, but she's the hoe who should have gotten an abortion, at the end of the day, that thing doesn't have a heart beat till 3 month into the pregnancy, that's why you can get an abortion before 3 months. After that its actually alive.

    Seems to me like she trapped him purposely.

    He honestly needs to stay away from her. No matter how good the sex is, and how crazy and what crazy sh*t they do. He needs to stay away, cause if he goes and bangs her again, she will for sure push another kid out no problem, and drain him for more money.


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  • cause he's not thinking with his mind he's thinking with his d***


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  • He just want to spread his seeds and don't want to assume responsibility.


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