Was this the right way to go about it?

I will keep it simple & to the point. Basically me and my ex boyfriend hooked up a few weeks ago. I was pretty sure we were going to be just a f*** buddy type of thing, but for me that's not exactly the case. I texted him yesterday basically confessing my love for him & was basically saying that I wanted to get back together. He never answered. Yet snap chatted me back the next day. At this point I don't really care what his answer was as long as he would've answered. Even if he said no, my hopes were never up it was just a straight shot & I'd move on. So why no response? What should I do?


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  • You should just move on. It's quite clear that he just got back with you for sex.

    • & that's what I did, move on. We gradually stopped talking. I can take a hint when someone doesn't care about me & it's clear that he doesn't. I kind of just stopped caring, finally.

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  • He probably wanted to avoid an awkward conversation or avoid rejecting you. Maybe he likes the friends with benefits thing, doesn't want feelings involved and thinks that, if he rejects you and explicitly says no to your request, the friends with benefits thing will stop, and that's not what he wants.

  • avoiding the question.either chalk it up to bed buddies or move on,he obviously doesn't feel the same way you do right now

    • yeah we talked about it more & I told him that no matter what the answer was I wasn't going to cry over it I just wanted a yes or no & he said he just wasn't looking for a relationship right now, which is basically what he always says lol so I guess if we are gonna continue being bed buddies then it's completely up to me.

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