What's the best way or moment for a guy to make a move ?

hi guys & girls,

here is the thing I have a crush on this guy and am not sure if he does but because am always with my friends and he only kept looking or smiling , you know the usual flirty stuff .

so I want to know what's the best moment or way to make him make a move or tries to talk to me .



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  • Be alone at your locker. There was this girl I had a huge crush on and it was a lot less intimidating since she wasn't around her friends. it gives him a brief moment to talk to you because he knows you're going to be there but not for long, it also gives him options of subjects to ask you for a casual conversation.

    Another good one is if you two have a mutual friend then be with that friend and get them to casually introduce you. Have that friend call him over and pretend they have a question needed to be answered (it could be anything) then say "oh hey this is my friend -----" it's casual and also makes you seem interested in him.

    Best of luck :)!

    • that was so helpful ! , sadly I don't have a mutual friend with him but I will try my best to follow your advice , thank you so much for your help

    • You're very welcome, I have no problem with girls wanting to make things easier for us guys! I value that very much :p

      Did you try it out? How's it going?

      Thanks for BA btw

    • no I haven't try it yet , I didn't met him when I do I will let you know :)

      thank you so much for your concern :D

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  • You should approach him when he's alone, and chat up a conversation. Also, compliment and flirt with him to show that you're interested.


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