Well, what do you think about this break-up email message?

Things to be said: I was physically sick, and I just discovered some hours prior to reading this that she cheated on me with her "ex" during a trip she did to her country. I wanted to think and rethink things concerning this but she helped me taking the right decision, so here it is:

"03:03 AM

Hi ****, hope your ears get way better by tomorrow. I would like to say thank you very much for being with me during the last time also would like to say that I am sorry for being with you. I do not like to have or to deal with uncomfortable situations. But I think this is the time for being honest with myself. And let me tell you that it is not easy as I can not help thinking of you. I want to end this relationship. I clearly understood your point that it would not be fair or a good finish. But *****, I like you but I do not love you (NOTE.- SHE DID SAID SHE LOVED NOT LONG AGO PRIOR TO THIS LETTER). I think this is the real reason within myself. I am not sure if you like to cut everything off after the end of our relationship.

03:33 AM

But can't you please let me stay around you for a while? I haven't invited you to the dinner we talked some days ago (made by own hands)... I know I am the one initiating the break up but I feel so bad... I've learned many things from our relationship. Thank you ***** and I am sorry to make you to go through this. You are beloved by family and friends. Very precious person. So I feel more sorry as I have any right to hurt you or to upset you.

03:36 AM

I even can not see your profile picture now. Okay, I will stop writing here and will call you few hours later. Please let me know your condition of ears. Bye Bye."

After re-reading this, an ironic smile appears in my face, as I could not believe how dork I was wasting my time with this nice lady. I just find it as an example of the kind of people that is not worth to fight for, I just want to kindly remind the readers that I discovered she cheated on me JUST some hours after I received this on my Facebook inbox (yes, not even a face-to-face break-up). Cheers!


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  • I think these messages were more for her than for you. She wrote them to help massage her own guilty conscience for treating you like sh*t, cheating on you, etc.

    She's sorry for being with you? Wow, I hope that's a typo on her end, but g*ddamn. That's rude even by breakup standards.

    Nobody likes uncomfortable situations, duh. She's playing the victim, too - see, it's not easy for her to be unfair to you. This is all very hard on her, you have to understand. Puh-lease.

    Oh, and the beloved by family and friends nut shot, she's trying to friend zone you there, so she can have your sorry ass hanging around doing favors for her like helping her move and wiping her new boyfriend's @ss.

    Dude, we all make mistakes. Don't be hard on yourself. And look on the bright side, she didn't string you along after cheating on you, she cut you loose. You have every right to let her keep feeling guilty. Go out and find someone who respects you and forget this dame.

    Hope that breakdown helped.

    • Note the "But I think this is the time for being honest with myself" part. You are right, she was trying to wash her another-man's-cum-dirty-hands here. At the end no one can predict how a relationship is going to be but when something like this happens, one has to be thankfull about getting rid of the, as one of the answerers to this question has said, waste of space. Thanks for your answer.

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  • screw her, one door shuts another will open. good luck

    • Good call, thank you!

  • Oh I had one of those email break ups.. We were together 9 months at the time. First of all he didn't contact me for over a week. When he did send me the email his excuse was that his phone was broken ( yet my msgs sent and my calls were not diverted to voice mail ), in his email he told me he loved me but he was a depressed soul ( whatever that means ), he went on about how great we were together but he couldn't be in a relationship when he was in that state of mind, then ( this is the best part ) he told me he was going to the mountains to live with the monks to find himself and to help himself. Oh and I got it on Christmas day ( he had sent it three days previous, I didn't get it until Christmas day because I hardly ever check my email account ).. Well I can tell you this much I never laughed so much in my life ( did he think I was stupid enough to believe that? Obviously did ), and I was never so much relieved that I got away from such a waste of space..

    We are just some of the lucky few who got away from our weird partners just in the nick of time ( even tou they dumped us )

    • Beind dumped always sucks but at the very end, it is better to stay away of this kind of people, even though they meant a lot back in the day. It was quite shocking then, but right now I can't anything else than laugh at this "meaningful" message. Thanks for sharing your "lttle piece of Hell". Greetings.

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  • This is too long. IF you're going to do it in an e-mail keep it short and simple; it just makes it business-like and that makes it easier to finalize. "I know what you did. I hate you. Goodbye."

    • Amen to that. However "I know what you did, F... you. Hasta la vista baby" would have been my weapon of choice. Thanks for the answer.

  • She's not worth it anymore. You're better off with another girl.


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