Something is not right with me after break up.

I wouldn't even call it a break up. I have been in an on and friends with benefits situation for 7 months. I fell crazy in love with him and I told him how I felt at our 3 month mark. He told me he didn't feel the same way. We stopped talking for a month. Somehow we got back together. Recently, I told him how I felt and he rejected me again. Since that day he stopped talking to me. I've tried to take my mind off of him, spend lots of time with family and friends. Started a dance class, going shopping but I still find the thoughts of him popping in and out of my head very often. I know I deserve better but men don't seem to stare at me as they used to anymore even though I'm in the best shape of my life. I used to get so much attention. Now I don't even catch a guy glancing at me anymore. I don't feel okay. My tolerance level is low. Today my disabled brother needed my help, and I jjust wanted to yell at him to leave me alone. Or if someone steps on the back of my shoe I want to just yell. What's wrong with me?


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  • It seems that you are very negative nowadays because your friends with benefits rejected to you twice. The negativity shows on your face that's why you tend to repel guys who might be interested in dating you.


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  • you just need some time to grieve the end of your relationship. sure you were just "fwb" to him but to you it was more so you need to take some time to get past it. 6 months...a year. there's not a time limit but there will come a day where you say "wtf was I thinking? he wasn't worth all that pain I put myself through... I musta been outta my mind!" and you'll be open again and that will show in everything you do and you'll feel good about yourself again and men will notice.

    you're gonna be fine...he's doing you a favor. it's his loss...let him be someone else's heartache now to learn from you need to learn from this and move on and find someone who wants your love and loves you back.


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