How can I learn to trust and be happy again?

I recently started seeing this guy again, it is going great he is really being sweet, taking me out for dinners and movies. But we have a history, we would be together for a bit, break up, get back together and finally had a horrible break up and hadn't talked for over a year. I have dated other guys but none of them made me feel what I feel for this guy. I get butterflies when I see him, my whole day changes when he texts me.

The problem is though, is I do truly believe he has changed and grown up since we had last talked, but I am still so hesitant. Like if he doesn't text me for a day I become anxious and freak out that he's over me. Or I start doubting, why did he take me out? Was it just to have sex? I am constantly over thinking everything and I can't just enjoy the new time we have together because I really would like us to date again and be good this time.


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  • You should just trust him, and trust that what he's doing and what you've both been through is a pre-cursor towards a long term commitment.


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  • because you know what you went through the first time around,u need to be careful because you know what he is capable of,don't 100% trust him until he proves it with actions,be careful


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