Im so confused about my feelings!?

I've been with my boyfriend for seven months, we've been arguing a a lot and two days ago he basically told me he was unhappy and he needed a break he came and picked me up yesterday so we could get something to eat and just talk as friends, we were still fine with each other, wasn't awkward at all just seemed to get along fine like nothing had happened, I went back to his after and just broke down, told him how much I love him and how I really don't know what id do without him, we both just opened up to each other and ended up getting back together, but now for some reason I feel down and a bit unhappy, I felt happier when we were just talking at the meal, I felt more relaxed and comfortable but now I feel like I've gotta put a lot more effort in again to make him happy, I'm confused because I actually do love him and want to be with him, why do I feel unhappy though?! Help?:(


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  • Because the relationship is one sided, you are making the effort in the relationship, where he is indecided, so you need to stop making the first move, hide your emotions, and act as your his good friend. This will make him start making an effort if he's really into you like you are him, and it will also reignite that happy feeling, but because there's a black mark in your relationship due to his need to have a break, you won't get that security back until you see him make a little more effort towards you and prove his worth for you,x

    • Thankyou! What do you mean by hide your emotions?

    • Dont let him know that your into him more than he is you,x

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  • That's the ups and downs of

    1. Being a teenager

    2. Being in a relationship

    3. Dating young.

    You will be OK. We have all been there. Stick it out. It will work itself out. You can only decide for yourself if you want to be happy in life. It's up to him, if he decides to be happy with you. Good luck

  • It seems that you're still afraid that he might break up with you suddenly, and that's what your anxiety is welling from.

    • Thats so true! How can I stop the anxiety?

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