How do I tell my boyfriend that I want to break up with him?

His not clingy but he doesn't take no as an answer, and his really in love with me and I don't think hell want to break up. He just won't let... I tried telling him I'm not ready yet but he kinda pushed me into it.. He never tried pushing me sexually tho but he just really wanted to be my boyfriend. I kinda tricked myself that I'm prepared to start dating and I'm going to enjoy this but its all a facade. But I do like him, but I just can't to the relationship part. id rather like him more than as a friend just staying as friends with him.

I recently started thinking about my ex, and I miss him.. I'm not going back to him but I just don't feel like going out with any guys at all right now.. I really do like my boyfriend and his great, but I've only been with him for a month so far and I thought I was ready to start dating but I'm not..

How do I tell him that I still like him but I still might have feelings for ma ex without hurting him? or even worse, hell see it as a competition and hell try harder to fight for my love or whatever...Should I just make up another excuse and not tell him the truth? He just doesn't understand that I just want space and time..


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  • just tell him that while going out with him, you have realized that you can't have a relationship with someone you see as a really good mate, and although you love him to bits, its only as a friend. This won't be easy for him to take, but it won't dent his pride, it will just hurt emotionally, and it will be easier for him to take than you saying you still have feelings for your ex. Let him know that you still want to hang with him, but only as mates, tell him you value his friendship and do not want to lose that just because of not being compatible as boyfriend and girlfriend,x


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