How do you do "the move"?

Everyone seen it; there's a whole bunch of commercials that show it. A guy and a girl see each other from a far and smile at each other and eventually you'll just see them in the future holding hands or something like that. But how did the guy make the move? What happened after the look? I'm guessing he walked to her and said something, but what do you say?

Other commercials would show the two in a restaurant with their friends, and they share "a look" but what happens next?! It'd be pretty awkward for the guy to walk up to a group of girls and just start talking to one!

What is "the move" haha?


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  • That is the move. You say hello. It's really only awkward for the first ten seconds before you open your mouth and say hello. Then, if you picked the right one to talk to, it's immediately not awkward.


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