Why does he keep all the presents I got him on display?

About three months ago my boyfriend dumped me. We'd been good friends before but he broke up with me for college saying he had no time to 'give me what I deserved' because he's in a very competitive school. It was for the best, looking back, but we didn't end on good terms at all we fought and now we still don't talk. But a mutual friend recently went to his house and he still has all the presents I gave him in the same places as they were when we were together. A bear on his bed. Figurines on his desk.

Why is this? Has anyone had experience with this?


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  • He just doesn't have the time to move them out, or it's too much hassle and he treasures them.


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  • Because it doesn't mean anything to him anymore

    If he wasn't over you those things wouldn't be around


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