How would you feel if one of your exes hit you up?

how would it make you feel? what would you do?

answer as descriptive as you like :) thx

*for me..[long story >.>] I never thought we’d talk again. it’s been months since our last conversation and I planned on never hitting him up afterwords

my friends tell me I need to keep it short and not open up to him. some tell me to not respond all together

i'm usually causal to protect myself so I wanted to be real with him this time so I don't regret not saying stuff. there was so much I didn't say with us

and I didn't think id feel this way- kinda put away my emotions with that for a long time Because thinking about it does make me unhappy. I'm usually a really happy person. I didn’t think one hi would bring it all back

eventually I said stuff like sorry for everything I hope we're cool. he said what are you talking about we've always been cool. then he said if you're talking about what I think you're talking about it’s all good and that I made a good call on us since he thinks he rushed everything and thinks he wasn’t ready yet

i was thinking dam...guess I was just a rebound. maybe he never cared the way I thought he did. but I said o yeh I know you're going to be with someone great no doubt. I'm not sure what he wanted when he hit me up so I told him, if you’re checking up on a buddy I’m doing good too

He said “Wait now I’m confused Lol and I been single for hella long ! You don’t even know ! Lol”

Why is he saying this? First you tell me you're not ready and now this. emphasizing the rebound thing?

it's weird, I know we wouldn't work and I don't see us getting back together. but I still hurt and care. I guess I want to hear that he's sorry that it ended the way it did too and that our high points meant something

I don’t want to be stupid, but I want to remember it for the good things

i'm not trying to get invested but inno it’s hard to let it go


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  • You will never get the emotional closure you are seeking with this guy. His emotions and the way he thinks about the relationship never matched yours really.

    He comments about not being ready etc. is his way of telling you that emotionally he was just not that into you and recognised this, it is not a bad reflection upon you, he just did not connect as deeply with you in the relationship.

    You were wise not to be so generous with your thoughts and feelings, I think you knew already that this would be a mistake. This meeting should help you move on now, if he wanted back with you he would move mountains to make this happen.

    If my ex tried to contact me - I would just ignore it, for me any contact with him would only put salt in the wound, I have nothing to gain from it other than be hurt again as I still love him, but have the common sense to know I don't need him.

    • ahh, I think you're right. I don't think he'd ever tell me that tho

      the thing I appreciated about him when we were together was how he was generous with his thoughts and feelings. and I wasn't, so I felt like I owed him that

      i wonder why he even hit me up in the first place, but you're absolutely right and I'm gonna move forward and not think about it anymore

      thx for opening up about that, and ty for your answer and reading my longg thingy haha. I think you're the wise one :)

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  • I would just respond in a friendly mode and wouldn't try anything to get back with her.

    After all, we're ex and I don't like the idea of going back.

    • thats what my friends tell me, I need to listen to them 4rm the start because they're always right in the end ^^' <--stubborn

      thx :]

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