If he wanted you he'd have you right?

Am I right in thinking that if an ex boyfriend wants you back or wants to at least speak to you, he will? Broke up 3 months ago, most of the time I've initiated contact for bills etc, been 5 days without speaking..an I best just to leave him to make the first move?..how long does it usually take for guys to miss an ex? Thanks :)
Cheers guys, I needed to be told it honestly :) time to walk away for goood I guess x


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  • Not necessarily. Some ex boyfriends who want to make contact will do, whereas some may be too shy too or hope you will. If he wanted to talk to you, he would've responded to your text by now, not leave it 5 days. It sounds like he's trying to avoid sorting/paying for bills to be honest!

    Again, guys are different. Some will initially miss their ex but then it eventually fades, some don't miss them and then they start missing them over time.

    If you miss your ex and want to contact him in relation to rekindling your relationship, then you should probably make the first move.


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What Guys Said 2

  • dumper should be the one that initiates contact

  • It's always best if you don't go back with your ex.

    It's like fixing a broken mirror. Even if you put everything into it again, it will never feel the same and you'll just end up throwing the mirror and buying up a new one.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes.

    If someone wants you back you will not have to initiate all of the contact,

    They will contact you has well (in a way trying to pursue you).

    Telling you he misses you, or wants to see you, or even just to have regular conversation.

    He isn't doing this,

    So it shows he's

    A) trying to get over you


    B) trying to move on with his life.

    You should too.

    Some "good things" come to an end,

    But sometimes there are better things awaiting us.

  • He's not missing you though

    Don't waste enery on someone who isn't worth it


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