Moving to a small town. Tips?

So, tomorrow, I will be moving from the great city of Los Angeles, to a small town in the middle of the country.

I will have great opportunities and am really looking forward to the next chapter of my life. The truth is, I am scared to death of leaving my home in the big city to a small town in the middle of nowhere. I have made a great life for myself here in LA and love it. It's my favorite place in the world.

I won't know a soul, and have no friends in the small town. I am just so used to the sirens, noise, action, and fast pace of the big bad city. I have visited a few times recently and everyone seems super nice, but I have never lived in a small town. Does anyone have any advice?


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  • Depends on what you consider small. I graduated from school with 28 other people. So what you consider small, may not be what I consider small. The smaller the town the more everyone knows everyone else.

    If you do something, chances are everyone else will be able to find out about it. This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Since everyone is likely to find out, and judge you based on how you have treated others, more work is often put in to be polite. Also your chances of running into the same people over and over increase, so you can't afford to be rude to people without them remembering it latter.

    I would say that most of the girls in my area, act more like stereotypical guys, than in a big city. We don't really have a lot of museums and artsy stuff that stereotypical women are more into, so they learn to fill their day with things like sports, fishing, and horseback riding. Keep in mind this is just a generalization, and the closer you get to any city, even a smaller one, the more you will see a culture you are more familiar with.

    • I am moving to Wyoming and a town with about 30,000. Coming from a city with a metropolitan area of over 12 million, this town is tiny.

      I definitely see what you mean by needing to be nice to everyone. I will really have to work on that to make a good impression. Have you ever seen the film, My Cousin Vinny? I can kind of relate to him haha!

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  • Three words for you: whittling, checkers and crickets.

  • You should start getting to know your neighborhood. Because it's a small town, you can gather a lot of friends, and you will be used to your environment as well.


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