Is he into me? Or it's time to move on

So I had a crush on this guy then finally I was able to meet him at the bar one night. Although his friend approached me first and tried to kiss me. I rejected his friend then had a mini conversation with the guy I like. Then we talk the next day briefly and I added him on fb and then fb chatted him a little. But he hasn't make any move or try to talk to me...I just don't know what to do next? Move on and forget about him or just wait and see, now that summer is here...i won't see him in school anymore. I know he stares at me, we make a lot of eye contacts (before we met) and that's how I notice him and started to think he's cute first place.


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  • You should just wait and see. Have you gotten his number? How about texting him to hang out with you?


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  • Text him and ask him to meet you for a cup of coffee. Try a meeting with just the two of you in a non bar setting. Guys love it when they are asked out!

    When you meet him, be honest, smile if you mean it and most of all have some fun.

  • Alright here is what you should do... Message him on FB and don't ask him but tell him you two are going out that night just be likey hey lets go to this bar... movie whatever. you will get the feel for how he feels for you by the date. and yes you might have to light a fire under his ass to get him moving. Guys are easy to deal with I am a guy if he likes you he will take you out if he doesn't hell make up a bullsh*t excuse and he will go and try to get laid elsewhere.


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