Is this a sign of disinterest?

This guy left for another country to study for the meantime (a year ago). Last week, he came back home for his break and I ranted to him about how I find this subject hard and he offered to teach me.

So, I've seen pictures of him on Facebook and he always looks happy, all smiling, and very sociable to his friends there. Like he's playing with them, having fun, joking around.

But when we were together, he was just serious. As in, straight face, rarely smiling (I don't remember if he ever did). But yeah, and he's always so...reserved? stiff? I don't know how to explain it. It's just that when we're siting next to each other, he won't move.

P.S. He did tell me he likes me before he left, but I feel like he's not interested anymore?


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  • The change in behavior is a sign that he must be interested or intimidated by you. Since you're close, it's a sign of interest.


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