What a nut job = me! Please help me get him interested again to have a chance

I live & work in a mining camp & have been here 9mths & for that time I have had a serious crush on a man who is here too. So much, the times he tried to talk to me I would turn red & run away like I'm 12 but I always felt like he was attracted as he was always looking at me and I him etc.

5 weeks ago at home I went out with 2 friends from work & was walking across the dance floor when all of a sudden I was in the air looking into his smiling face & he said, now you are going to talk to me.If a girl wanted dreams to come true, that was the night! Magical! He took me aside & had this hr long convo saying that he likes me, why won't I talk to him etc then kissed me. The rest of the night we didn't leave each others side & if I stepped out of view, he was always looking for me & came & got me. I said all night, we are not sleeping together & he agreed but one too many drinks & I did back at my house. He kept saying that we would be the big camp romance & is moving into my room etc however both of us are super private & don't want people knowing for gossip.He left in the morning but didn't get my number & called out as he shut the door, don't forget I'm moving in!

I went back to camp earlier than him then a week later he arrived & nothing! He just ignored me for a day then approached me & made small talk & a joke then left. Next time I saw him he ignored me then 2 mornings later, it was his birthday. he told me that night out what he would like on his birthday ;) so I suggested it & gave him my room number & took off. he did not show! that took a lot of guts to do that, I never do stuff like that esp not to people I don't really know or in a relationship with but it just came out. A couple of days later he came up behind me & told me he is really sick but did not mention anything about his birthday but I just been rejected so was hurt so I was abrupt walked away. Then 2 days later I had a few drinks & found him in the hall & said he he must be happy I'm going on a break so he can stop avoiding and ignoring me. He came to my room & I just let loose. I was so worked up since I like him so much everything came out about me being confused & I don't know what's going on. He remembers the whole night except that convo but he was sober then and I could see he was lying. He said I was over thinking

I came back to work & 1morning he came up to me at breakfast & was I think still drunk & playing & flirting with me in front of everyone. The rest of the time,lots of staring at me but no talking then I went to go on a break again & got really drunk & in front of about 20 people, as he walked by, I yelled his name & chased him then was mortified & ran off. He went then to an area I go to where he never goes, my friends were there said he stood there for 10 min with a friend & left. I know he would of overheard me later that night I really like him. Now he is back & avoids me, changed routine & moved to otherside of camp

I've scared him, this is not me. Please help me fix!


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  • Wow, it seems like you keep over reacting to this guy. I suggest you ask to meet up with him for a chat in private and if that happens, discuss what's going on and what you both want in terms of a relationship. I think you should also emphasize that you're very introverted/shy and that is why you're actions have been a bit weird.

    If everything goes well and you do manage to meet up with him, just remain calm and in control of your emotions.


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  • Yes, you really scared him. That yell must have scared him to keep his ears ringing.

    To fix this, you should approach him and apologize.


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