Is he just being nice or is he flirting?

I work together with a guy ( we have a project together). Since the beginning we had interesting discussions and a laughed together. I noticed whenever I let the conversation die down he would look at me. He asks questions about my life and shares a lot of his interests and stories. We even went out once (initiated by me) and we laughed a lot. He also played for my drinks. Sometimes he would touch my arm or back. I started to do that,too. But whenever he proposes to meet its work related and he never asked me to go out together or drink a coffee together. So is he just trying to create a friendly atmosphere or is he trying to flirt? Or is he playing games?
What kind of hints could I give him? I actually feel like I am doing all the "work" and hints giving. Maybe I should just stop and see if he reaches out to me?


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  • Imo he's interested, and yes he was flirting, but he is getting "cold feet" when it comes to actually asking you out.

    Just about every guy has gone through this,


    phase before.

    Not much you can do besides ask him out yourself or flirt back and wait for him to get the nerves to ask you out for real.

    P.S. I have learned from talking to girls how bothersome and even annoying this can be, so guys, take the plunge and go for it!

    • Thank you Prof Don. Well,maybe I could ask to go out for a coffee

    • Prof don is right, and if you take too long 2 ask out a girl, she will stop liking u. Guys, just do it!

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  • Touch his shoulders during conversation. Nobody can misunderstand that.

    Wouldn't reccommend "stopping", might make him think you're messing with his head. I personally hate it when girls do that.

  • He is definitely flirting with you.. But I think he is waiting to see if you will make a move or give him more hints that you are interested.

  • Flirting. But he's obviously kinda shy. It looks like you need 2 do the asking out.

    • Thanks Ryan.

    • No problem. In my teen years I was rejected a lot by girls, because I'm "too smart" and a "weirdo". I found this site a few days ago and love answering ppls questions, so they don't get into the same probs I went thru.

  • It's quite clear that he's interested in you and isn't just being nice.


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