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I've been seeing a great guy for a little over two months now and things are moving along perfectly. I'm completely head over heels and he cares about me too. There's just one little thing that's starting to bug me a bit... He seems to get mad over little things and when he does, he completely shuts me out. Here's what happened..

So we spent Friday night together and he slept over - had a lovely night (and morning ;-)) my younger sister graduated from college yesterday so I went to visit her with my family for the day. We came back late Saturday night and I was exhausted. My boyfriend and I had plans to go mini golfing and to dinner today (Sunday) so we talked a bit in the morning about it, made plans to meet at 4. Well I accidentally fell asleep and didn't wake up until 430. I called him and apologized, and asked he would be terribly mad if I stayed in and slept - he saidno. When we got off the phone I sent him a cute little goodnight text thanking him for being understanding and he responded "K". Which g only dos when he's pissed. I called him - no answer. What the heck?... I really don't understand
So what do I do? Just let him cool down and do my own thing until he comes around? I'm not going to keep calling/texting him. I already apologized and I feel bad but he's blowing this out of proportion.


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  • He must be having a bad day. You should just let this slip, give him space and time, and let him contact you.


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  • I'd be annoyed too. My ex used to do this all the time.

    The way I see it is we made plans. By making plans with you he couldn't do anything else that night. Even though you knew you had plans you went to sleep. You could have set an alarm so you woke up or done something to not make yourself fall asleep but you didn't and he sat around waiting for you which is frustrating.

    You were a bit careless.

  • I understand that he's pissed. You could've set up an alarm and made sure you were on time. You knew you were tired, so why take the risk? He probably feels neglected and he has every right to. I'd suggest appologizing in person and setting up a nice special date for him. Maybe bake him something. I'd be really pissed if my boyfriend were to have me wait half an hour after him. If I can manage doing 1.5 hours of public transportation to go see him, you can manage to stay awake when you know you've got a date coming up shortly.

  • he's just being petty then


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