Why dose he always come back to me ?

So their’s this guy, we’ve gotten a rocky past. We keep going from just friends to f*** buddies to boyfriend/girlfriend to not talking at all to him randomly texting me. It’s been an almost 3 year period of this , never more than 3 months on and 3 months off. He fell for me when I was with someone else, and then decided he wanted to mess around. then we started talking and he was messing around with other girls and I fell for him. SO I cut all ties with him since he wanted to be younge and be a typical guy. Now he’s texting me again and asked me to dinner tom night. I don't know last time before we broke up we were talking about moving in together and he said he was getting me a ring and talking bout kids in the future. I’ve still got feelings about him , but I know I can’t take being his friend wile he f***s a bunch of skanks. Both of us have a bad history of terriable communication. Why dose he always come back to me?


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  • It seems that he just want to keep sleeping with you every time that he wants to.

    He's not the guy for you. You deserve a more quality guy.


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  • I've been in a similar situation, but before anything a few questions to clarify

    1.Do you mind only being friends with benefits with this guy?

    2.how old is he?he sounds like a horny teenager ?

    3.do you really take what "relationship" you had seriously ?

    • 1- yea I mind , i’ve just done that for so long and all my girls and guy friends are in stedy relationships .

      2 lol yea he kinda is he’s 19

      3 Honestly he took our relationship more serious that I did cause I wasn’t sure if he was really into it.

      THe thing is he’s been like my best friend , we’ve always been able to talk to each other about the oddest things, we go to each other for everything. Even those weird tmi questions. so I don't know kinda miss him when were not talking

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    • thanks, Yea I think your right. He did see me with my guy bestie at the mall about a month ago, He had a younge chick with him she looked like 15 maby 16 probally his cousion but still he saw me. Yea he would get jealouse a bit . I don’t think it’s gonna be a long lasting relationship either, he seems to of changed a lot .

    • no problem remember don't even give him the time of day and move on :D

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