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I been with this guy for a while and he got with another girl. I tried my heart day by day to get things back and all he was telling her was lied about us. I even called he answered the phone with moaning sounds of him and her. I was even called bitches and hoes and I'm stupid and dumb. He always say mean things but always feel the opposite. He told me to move on...he's not attractive to me...he don't wanna talk to me...find somebody that likes me because he don't...he even told his friends terrible things about me. Like a dummy I still stayed bending my back thinking things will change...I cried even at my lowest I tried to get grounds to communicate. She never answers the phone so just the other day I finally gave up after months of trying and taking insults and moved on, he come back. Why do guys do this? I never responded to his drama or female calling me a bitch. He even called me a sad ass female and that he don't love me and just wanted sex from me that was the plan...that was a lie. As soon as I moved on he came back but why you think he did that? I went through peer hell and insults...I'm a very different female he treated me like trash because I would not talk to him disrespectfully. When I said I tried my heart out I tried everything I could think of and he I got this in return...I moved on days later he dumps her and try to come running back...he been with her for 7 months


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  • First off, that's a character flaw that he happens to possess. Believe me, not all men do this. He seems a bit young, immature and perhaps has a very high opinion of himself. He also feels a sense of self entitlement feeling he is above you, when clearly his behavior tells the complete opposite.

    Additionally, he may be trying to be macho, thinking it would impress the girl he was with as being more manly or masculine. At any rate it really just shows a strong level of immaturity.

    So now his relationship failed, for what reason, I don't know, but I am sensing she left him. He is calling you now (and let me guess on this one) saying you weren't bad at all and he didn't really mean to say the things he said about you or treat you the way that he did. I am going to further guess that he's telling you that the things he said to your mutual friends are lies just to make him look bad.

    At any rate, he's calling you now perhaps because he feels he can get back on your good side and he can mend things enough to where he can get a possible sexual relationship with you. Don't buy into it. His behavior is a better indicator of his character than anything and you can do much better than getting yourself caught back into his trap. Not to say that guys don't change, but generally seven months of verbal abuse isn't going to end overnight.

    If you are contemplating possibly getting back with him (and I sincerely hope you're not) then I wouldn't let him get too close for a while, just to see how he has become after the break up. If you let him get too close then more than likely, he will say and do whatever it takes to stay in your good graces while he is probably looking for someone else.

    I cannot stress enough that getting back with him will be a mistake. More likely than not it will only set you up for more emotional pain and possibly more verbal and emotional abuse later on down the road.


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  • You shouldn't get back with him. It's clear that when you were still apart, he disrespected you and being arrogant and cocky. He's not definitely worth it.

  • Yep, don't let him back into your life, because once you do he'll just keep doing this to boost his ego.He's doing all this for an ego trip and you really do deserve better. Good luck


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  • i just wanna start off by saying, you don't deserve to be treated like this, he broke up with her now wants you back, because he has no one else, this lame piece of crap is a jerk, your way to good for him don't ever let yourself be treated in such a way by anybody, ...say you had a daughter and she told you a guy treated her like this ..what would you tell her? As a woman I would hope you would have some dignitiy not to let anybody treat you like this...why would you submit yourself to treatment like this and still try to be with somebody like this? He's a complete piece of trash and he will get what he deserves, if I was your best friend if slap you for allowing him to treat you like this and then id beat him up for treating you like this ...


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