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We have been together for a year and five months now and I can tell that he is losing interest. He does not call as much as he used to and he prefers texting now. He only calls very late at night now like at one and 2 in the morning. I already try breaking up with him, but he wants a reason. When I do give him these reasons he just say that they are not good reasons to break up. It did not really bother me until today when he missed his flight this morning to come see me. Some friends took off work to just hang out with me but I told them that he was coming over and so they did not take off work but now he is on stand by at the airport and will not get here until tomorrow. Honestly, the relationship is going nowhere and when he gets here I was planning on breaking up with him for good. Am I just being dumb? It there not good reason to break up with him? What do I do?


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  • The way he just dismisses your concerns about your relationship as "not good enough reasons" is definitely a bad sign. He really ought to be asking something more like why do you fell this way about such and such. If your relationship was going somewhere he would be willing to make some effort to see where you are coming from. So definitely have a talk with him about your relationship. Don't preface it by making it about breaking up from the get go, only have that as a conclusion if your talking goes bad. Try to be specific on things if you can, if he seems genuinely interested in talking and seeing what's the deal try to make it easier for him to understand you. He ought to do the same with his sentiments on your status.

    If it gets to the point where you are saying we should break up and he says your reasons are not good enough, don't just give up the conversation. Instead turn it back on him. Ask him what reasons he has for staying together, and then you are at liberty to say whether or not they are good enough. If he really has nothing other than "well if we break up I can't bang you anymore", then I guess that's that.


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  • ... Since when do you need a "good reason" to break up with someone? Did you need a "good reason" to get with that person, other than you wanted to? So what's the difference with breaking up, because you want to?

    If you want to break up with your boyfriend, because you don't like the direction your relationship is heading, then break up with your boyfriend.

  • The best reason for breaking up is that the 'relationship is goig nowhere.' You don't need more than that.

    Plus you can say the gods are against it, or he wouldn't have miised his flight and messed up your weekend.

    How about that for a country song: The gods want me to break up with him.

  • yuo have a reason he just doesn't like it. but frankly that doesn't really matter. You feel the way you do, are entitled to feel that way and have every right to break up with him.

    so just be firmer about it. tell him what you've said here.

    -You don't see it going anywhere.

    -he doesn't treat you the way you feel you should be treated.

    -little to no communication.

    -lack of effort


    and then let him know that he may feel differently but you feel the way you do and that's really all that matters

  • all relationship will eventually slow down. If you don't want to calm down and just have him in your life like I am guessing he does, then go through with it.

    The way he is probably looking at it is that you have been together some time now, and he is starting to not care what you do together, because he just wants to be together.

    an alternative to just trying to break up with him would be telling him you want to spice the relationship back up, because you miss [dates or whatever you did at the beginning of the relationship]

    The short version is that if you down want the calm, sure thing I think he does, then you should either end it or work on it together

  • It seems like he's not treating you like how he had treated you in the relationship before. You should just talk to him in person, and say that you're leaving because you have your eyes on another guy now.


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