How to get my ex boyfriend back after made the mistake of involving his friends with the breakup?

My ex and I broke up because he felt I was smothering him too much and I also was a lit bit jealous over her long time female friend. We have known each other for over a year but at the time I was in and out of a relationship , so I saw him once in a while, but he always knoew bout my situation. He will take me out on dates and stuff and he told his friend that he wanted to marry me. There are a lot of silver linings between us that made or bond stronger. Also he told me that he has never been with anybody since he met me almost two years ago, but bout three/four months ago we started to date seriously because I realized I wanted to b with him and terminated the other relationship mutually. I am completely head over heels for this guy but one night I wa out w his female friend and he was at a wedding, I wanted to go to his house round midnight and got pissed off that he didn't want too and I started to cursing him out via text and it was ugly...I lost his friend in the process and I ended up arriving at ther house the day after and was dropped off by a guy I met that night. I didn't have sex w him, but I was so drunk. Then I texted my ex (my boyfriend at that time) to apologize for the drunk texts and he basically tols me that he was done w me and that we are better off as friends. I asked his female friend and she mentioned about me being dropped off by somer dude the day b4 and she ytold me no. So he call me the next day telling me how he wasn't feeling it anymore and that mayb we will get bck together, but that right now he wasn't ready for a relationship. then I sent him a letter and agreed w the breakup, then a week later I texted his roommate and ask him bout him and he said he know bout the guy

so, when I found out, I texted all his roommate, my ex boyfriend, and two of his female friends and said that I couldn't belive that she told him that when I didn't cheat on was aweful, he got very mad at me and so did his female friend. The next day I texted him and told him I wanted to c him and he agrred, but then he changed and said that it will b better that we do not c each other and to let it go that we were not compatible and that he knew we weren't compatible and to let it go before any
more damage to the relationship. Then his female friend that rattle on me couldn't let it go and send me a very nasty email bout two weeks ago. I never replied back, but she told my ex boyfriend about it and he texted me apologizing for her and that nobody hated me and that we were coll and to not reply to her email. I didn't texted him bck, so he called me. I answered the phone and told him that I had already decided not to answer to her email, but that I was very hurt beause I was dealing w stress at
my business. Then he said for me to just ignore it and to wait until all the storm passes and to b able to b friends again. That she just was upset because she liked me and wanted to help me. After that I haven't hear from him nor haven't I communicated w him. I also blocked him and his female friend from FB because they kept posting pics of themselves going out and my exbf hugging other women...we leave and hour and a half away from each other and only hung out on wknds. I'm afraid I may run


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  • He won't get back with you at the moment. It's clear that he just want some place and space right now, and wouldn't involve himself with you while your emotions are at their peak that entering into a relationship will just lead into break up.


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