How would you like for a girl to benefit you in a relationship?

Would you date a 18 year old just got out of high school? I ask because many young females are choosing guys that are in their 22 and up but move in so soon with th and end up getting used. I know a girl who moved out and moved back in 2 days later after she moved out and they broke up officially because he said she can only benefit him with sex and money so how would you like a girl to benefit you


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  • I don't always look out for sex with a girl. Yes, I would date someone as young as 18 since I'm 19 thus the age gap isn't huge. I would always like the benefit of having a girl by my side when I go through the ups and downs of my life. Someone who'll be there to encourage me and show me that she cares.

    • You're in your dating range that's different I'm talking about the ones who can only give you sex and money without no future

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