I need the truth guys?? lol

Guys, have you ever dated someone you really like but you wanted to go real slow because you were not quite ready for a relationship yet? You know she could be the one but you want to pursue further when you are ready? Once you know that the girl likes you and you like her do you pull back a little thinking she is not going to leave you? Have you ever had a girl that just went M.I.A on you because you stepped back (ex stop texting often because you get busy) and so you felt like you had to step up your game before another guy attracts her? When a girl you like go M.I.A on you does that make you think about her?


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  • Yes, I've been in that kind of situation before. I need to sort things in my life first, and I would just have time for myself.

    • So how do you let the girl know you were interested? Were you worried you might lose her?

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