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Ok so I meant this girl in 7th grade I really like her we talked a lot in 7th grade because we had most of our classes together in 8th we still talked just not as much the thing is she's mormon but when I first meant her I would talk sexual towards her cuss, and she once asked me if I ever did drugs I said I tried drinking before which bother her I wasn't sure why and now in 9th going into 10 we rarly talk just becuase I don't see her anymore or as much but I'm sarting to like her a lot I know if she didn't like me back then she would have stoped talking to me soon but she still did I honstly think she liked me just hoped I was diffrent in a way but I really like her you think mabye I have a chance please say why or why not but as an update one me I don't do drugs I'm not sure if she knows or not I really stoped cussing and doing better in school I've changed a lot for the best you think mabye the way I was when he meant me is now how she sees me and as far as us talking back then I been to her house which if she didn't like me there's no way she would of invited me plus she also acted saxual towards me and we messed around a lot not sex like I said she mormon but please help I really like her I have her number should I text her? What should I do to make her see the new me like I said we Haven't really talked in a long time last time we really did was when. I was still dumb and made stupid choices so tell me what you think of the situation and if you think I have a shot and what I should do to talk to her and stuff please answer truefully and I understand she may not want to do anything with me so if your worried about hurting my feelings don't be...your wounderful for reading this


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  • I think you should text her, ask her how's she's been and everything. And just say how you miss hanging with her and ask if she wants to soon. Then when you guys do, she can see how you have changed. I'm sure she must still have some feelings for you. It's worth a shot.


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