Rebounding 3 days after breakup?

my boyfriend broke up with me over text a couple days ago. that morning before school, he seemed fine. next thing I knew, he "couldnt take it anymore". I saw no signs leading up to the brake up. we did argue about little tiny things every other day, but nothing serious. it is now day 5, and I am heartbroken. we spent almost every day together (he wanted to) and we did everything together. we were inseparable. we were almost going out for 2 years. on day 3 of our breakup, he asked another girl out and he is just "so happy" and she is "so awesome". he is ignoring me and will not talk to me. who is he trying to fool? over the weekend on day 2, he stopped at my house and said that we would hopefully get back together. but over text, it is basically just "he needs time". the weeks before he broke up with me were fine! he acted normal and we did everything like usual. I admit to being depressed and I Haven't been showing him enough attention , both mentally and sexually. but he always understood why I was depressed (home issues) and was always considerate. and now he just dumped me for this new shiny toy? when he broke up with me, he said he just couldn't do it anymore and that he was giving up. but why? everything was fine. why is he playing games with me? he hasn't told me that we are over FOR GOOD...and he keeps saying (when he answers me) he needs time. what is going through his head? he loved me and says he "still does", but is he to much of a coward to admit to his wrong doings? did he just want to end things so he could screw around without any strings? I am heartbroken. he is and still was my everything. is he going to realize he misses me and come crawling back? ...which I am hoping. sadly, I would take him back. he means to much for me. one thing he never understood: people. f***. up. so guys, and I mean guys...why is he doing this?


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  • Everything wasn't fine. He was hooking up with this girl while in a relationship with you and the relationship with you was over way before he took the p**** way out and broke up with you over text.

    Why on Earth would you put so much effort into someone who won't put effort into you?

    • I agree with the above, he was already planning this, he had to end it with you before the new toy would say yes..but that new toy will get old takes about 3 months to know if they will last..

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  • he is confused. more time is needed. it takes weeks to miss someone not days. answer mine

  • He was just toying with you. You can't do much now.


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