Most of the guys I like only want me for something physical?

So my ex broke up with me from our six month relationship(we dated 3-4 months before being a couple) a couple months ago, because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship but still liked me a lot. One of the problems in our relationship was getting physical too quickly which distracted from the emotional part of our relationship so it became sort of unhealthy. Farther into our relaitonship he became rude because he was more comfortable around me and it was how he normally acts around his friends. He was my first boyfriend and its so hard getting over him, and I was his first long-relationship and probably one of the most "serious" as his longest relationship only lasted three months. Then, his best friend told me my ex wanted to get into my pants, and this really bothered me. After our break up, I had a thing with this guy who was really sweet, but after prom asked to be friends with benefits. I declined because I wanted an emotional relationship. One of my good guy friends(whose good friends with my ex) genuinely cares about me and is there for me, and it is so fun and easy to talk to him. Unfortunately, he has a girlfriend, and this seems to happen to me a lot. A lot of guys that pursue me just want something quick and physical. I don't dress slutty or talk dirty. I've been told I'm really sweet and funny once you get past my "shy" exterior. I want to know if its any different after high school? AFter our break up, I do feel flawed and kind of like I did something wrong, and I'm worried that I won't be able to find an available guy who genuinely cares about me and just wants to be there for me and talk to me about anything. I now refuse to go past making out in high school because I don't want to get screwed over again. Is there someone for me or is this how it will always be? I really want a relationship that's kind of like a "best friend" relationship but I'm not completely over my ex because I have no clue what he's doing (texting, trying to be friends at school etc.). Help? Will I find someone?


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  • Yes, there are a lot of guys out there won't just like you for something physical. That's why there are dates and you can see a guy's intention from there.


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