Have you ever moved in your boyfriend house and was only used as a source for money?

I'm seeing girls 18 moving in older guys house and they are being used for sex money and as financial need. This one girl moved out her boyfriend house because her life was failing but she ended up moving back in the house because he got sad and pretended like he misses her. I hear guys do this until the summer comes and break up with them and kick them out. I was told to never buy a guy anything as soon as we start dating because they will only use you for money. What makes the situation worse the guy friends know she's a source for income, but the guy is friends with my brother and he said that he can't picture her in his future because she the type that slows down her life and wrap around a guy. Is it also true guys kick these girls out before the summer comes?


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  • Those are only rare cases. It doesn't happen a lot.


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