Dating a older woman! Should I continue to see where things go?

So I'm 23 and she's 43. We met through a mutual friend(co-worker) and one night we hooked up.

Since then we've officially been dating. Well last night she texted me saying " I think we should stop seeing each other" which through me off completely because things have been going pretty good between us. When I asked why she responded with "because I doing something you don't want or shouldn't want me to do"

Which confused the hell out of me even more so I'm like "Umm and that is?" and she responded back with "I think I'm starting to fall in love with you"


So I took a couple of minutes to get myself together. Still had no idea what to say so I just went for it. I grabbed my keys and went over to her house and as soon as she opened up. We went at it ha ha best s** we've had so far.

After we were done I told her I kind of feel the same just not there yet. Which she smiled and started making out with me.

My friends think I'm a total moron and should've cut my loses and got out of the situation. I mean yeah she's older, has children, and if things do go any farther we would have to deal with the disapproval coming from both of our families and friends.

But in my head I'm thinking f*** it! I'm having a great time and I am falling for her lets see how far we can actually go with this, but the only thing I'm nervous about is how her children will treat or act towards her. See her kids(5 total) are right around my age the oldest being 25 and the youngest being 17. She was married for 18yrs and has been divorced for the past five years. Her ex-husband wants to get back together(though he is the one that ended things for another woman) and her kids want it to happen. Yet, clearly it's not going too hahaha

So with that said should I or we keep going with this? Like in the sense of making it official?


Should we keep things as they are and continue with being in this discreet relationship? At least until we know for sure how we both feel


For the sake of her kids and preventing backlash. Just keep everything completely discreet and don't even think about making it official?


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  • I guess if you really feel the way you do, perhaps you should stick with her.

    But even if I felt the way you do, I would rationally recognize that I could easily feel the same way about another girl soon enough. Plus there's all the potential for stress/trouble that you've mentioned. And bear in mind she may look good now, but she's almost at the end of the line (I'm just being honest).

    Perhaps the sex has got to your head. I know from my own experience that older women are often mind-blowingly amazing in bed.

  • It's quite clear that you need someone of your age. Don't make it official.


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