He got back with his ex. HELP!

I talked to this guy not too long ago. I really did fall for him, he was exactly what I looked in a guy but I have communication issuses.. Aka I suck when it comes to communicating in relationships. Basically I pushed him away and he really liked me. He even said he liked me and was trying to talk to me. Then eventually he got back with his ex of 2 years. He cheated on her in the past and what not and now he got back with her, he's really committed to her. Although me and him went away for a job for 10 days and texted me almost everyday day and we hung out. We even had sex 2xs. You would also be able to tell he liked me, it was obvious. I ended up talking to him about everything and he told me he didn't want to lead me on or anything. Come to find out he only worried so much about his girl finding out about what we did because she's pregnant. -___- I let this all go and told him to not be my friend but he kept insisting to be my friend. I'm trying to get over it and everything because I feel crushed. What should I do? I know I can do better, I've dated other good guys after him but I get bored and uninterested really fast and my mind goes back to him & stays there. I feel stuck. And I feel like they won't last and for some reason I feel like I'll end up talking to him again.


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  • Give up. he choose his ex over you. trust me I've been in the same shoes. answer mine please

  • You should keep off any contact with him forever.


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