How do I get my ex to forgive me?

So me and this guy were in a serious relationship for two years, but it was kind of on and off lol. He dumped me like 4 times and I dumped him once. Every time there was a break up, he would do it in a mean way and say terrible hurtful things to me. I would get over it, he would say sorry and we would get back together. We broke up for good at the beginning of this month and a couple days in, he wanted me back. I told him that I didn't want him back and that I have fallen out of love with him, I put him down easily. He's a very manipulative person so he weaseled himself back into my life through my sister and so we became friends with benefits. Monday we were hanging out and I felt that he was getting too comfortable and I said the same stuff to him before, but meaner this time. He got super pissed and blasted me on Facebook and called me garbage and a slut and how I deserve everything that is bad. I apologized cause I know what I said was wrong and he doesn't believe me. I'm not putting things on Facebook or calling him names but he's just being terrible. I really don't want any bad blood between us and I know he's out there spreading rumors about me. How do I get him to forgive me?


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  • Didn't you say he's very manipulative?

    Do you not see you're being manipulated?

    You owe him no apologies.

    • hmm.. I haven't thought of it that way lol. but what does he get out of it?

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    • I'd just kick him to the curb. No means no. Not "You pull my sister in to solve your problems and still get p**** you sh*tbag."

    • lol thanks

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  • You can't make yourself forgive you since he's already mad in rage. You just need to move on and find a new guy.

  • You want to get back together for round 6? Seriously..

    • I don't want to get back with him. I just don't want us to hate each other or him making my life a living hell

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