Why do guys do this?

Read first: My ex-coworker and I exchanged numbers (after he let me know saying how busy he was, etc etc) but I persisted and got it. Keep in mind I haven't shown any romantic interest in him yet. HE then hinted at coffee and said he'll text me (he texted me his #). A few weeks later after from not hearing from him I dropped a hint that I wanted to see him (now he knows). He never answered. Then 2 weeks later I texted that I heard he was in the store and it got me thinking that we should get coffee. He dodged that part and only commented on the part where he said he "looked" for me and didn't see me. I later find out (from his worker) that he has a girlfriend that he's 50% committed to. 1) why couldn't he just SAY he has a girlfriend and it's not right? or at least say he's busy and he can't? he is leaving me hanging. by the way, I don't want him anymore but I am just curious and it'll help me in future situations. He also told his manager how pretty I am and how he always wanted to date a European (and I am European)


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  • It's quite clear that he's just stringing you all along that's why he kept the fact that he has a girlfriend.


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  • Well, maybe he didn't know that you liked him.

    • Um I asked to see him-how does he not know? When we we worked together he had no idea and he would try to become closer to me platonically (even though he was really attracted to me). He must know now because he's acting distant

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  • His reluctantance in giving you his number shows in itself that he was not available/interested. If a guy is keen, he'll be more than happy to find a way to contact you. Hell, he'll get your digits.

    Always look at their behavior and that will tell you what's going on. Sure he might not have said he had a girlfriend, but his actions were clearly saying he wasn't interested.

    • Doesn't make much-why did he hint at coffee?

    • Politeness. It's like when you say to someone you have no intention of seeing again and you say, "See you around" or "We'll catch up another time."

      He didn't follow it up, you did and he ignored it.

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