How do people look for jobs and just move all of a sudden?

How do I look for jobs in places I want to move to? Good ones that will make the effort worthwhile...


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  • Through agencies. Through web sites. Direct contact.

    The main trick is to convince them you are serious about moving. They will be skeptical and always prefer someone local. In some popular destinations, they are still reluctant even if you move there first. They want someone who has lived there a while and shows signs of staying.

    I've moved a bunch of times but I don't have anything lined up first. I just move blindly. The exception would be when I go out on a contract. In that case I always go through agencies and have no intention of staying where I go.

    • how can you move with no job?

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    • Lol, I've done it hitch-hiking too. I ended up in Florida that way. :)

      And there are buses and trains and planes. It doesn't really matter how you get there.

      You just need to find your inner Bilbo Baggins and go for an adventure. :) If you don't adventure then you'll never have any stories to tell. :)

    • can't hitch hike with tons of stuff o0 and that is dangerous anyway...

      Yeah but that's fiction... and it is not some charming fantasy world.

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  • It's really hard. Where I live employers won't hire you without you having lived here for a few months. Too many people are trained & then decide to move back home or take anything until a better opportunity comes along.

  • Check out It's an employment aggregator

    • tried but it confuses me?

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    • I'm not looking for a job and Sanford already won. Maybe you could beat that a**hole Lindsay Graham.

    • I am not old enough to run against Graham

      Sanford has to run again in a year

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