Is their something wrong with me?

Idk I just seem to have a hard time opening up to someone , I've been hurt a lot and just don’t open up to every guy I date. But my girl friends on the other time seem to be with a guy for 3 or 4 months and then they move in together. I don't know I've been with the same guy for 3 months now and were no wear near that stage. I mean I haven’t even meet his kids yet. About how long do you parents wait to introduce your kids into your new partner? And how can a couple move so fast? I've only been in one fast relationship but we never actually got to move in together. I don't know my girls always get those guys to do sweet things without having to tell them , I never get that guy. I mean my man is a good guy , and an great father to his kids but he never dose romantic things for me. How can I get him to do that without sounding desperate or stupid? Maybe i’m just not the type of girl guys see as into romantic sh*t.


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  • I've dated a few single moms, and single parents like to wait a little longer before they get into things like introducing kids, or especially moving in.

    Two college-age kids moving in together is whatever, but when you're dating a single parent moving in means you're becoming part of the family. Though in my opinion, 4 months is WAY too soon to be thinking about moving in. That's not something I'd think about until I was about a year into the relationship.

    Just bear with him and realize that as a single dad, he's going to be protective of his kids. That means it'll take time and he'll have to decide he really likes and trusts you as a potential "future mom" for his kids before he has you meet them. And moving in? A single parent wanting to move in pretty much says they're either hard up financially, or think marrying you is a strong possibility. Most single parents don't f*** around when it comes to that stuff.

    • Thanks , Just got me thinking cause the last guy I dated who was a single parent had 4 kids very well off with money but introcuded me to the kids very soon and we talked more about the future together. But even in a normal relationship I do feel like moving in at 4 months is crazy just seeing all my girls to it kinda makes me think ya know?

    • Yeah I know what it's like to see all your friends doing stuff like that and feeling like you're getting left behind, but honestly I'd say just enjoy the freedom of having some peace and quiet as long as you can. :P

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  • There's nothing wrong with you. You've just not met the quality guy you're looking for.

  • Relationships aren't competitions...

    Also, what are you doing with a single father...leave him yo


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  • I think icook922 is quite correct in his answer.

    But you should also think that couples move along in different speed, and they are just different. You shouldn't think about how your friends' relationships are compared to yours, just enjoy your own relationship.

    But I don't know what you should do with the missing romance from him, sorry


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